Revealed: how Samsung is fixing its Galaxy Fold

samsung galaxy fold
Samsung has reportedly made two key fixes to its Galaxy Fold. Picture supplied by Samsung

After postponing the rollout of its Galaxy Fold phone-tablet hybrid following a string of high-profile failures among review models, Samsung has made two improvements that it believes will solve the problems and get the ground-breaking folding screen device into stores within the next few weeks.

That’s according to a report from YNA, a publication based in Samsung’s home country, South Korea.  The tech giant is reportedly confident the changes will make the device more robust.

The most common problem encountered by reviewers was a partial or complete failure of the screen after they removed the screen protector. Unlike the peel-off protectors that come with other smartphones, the one on the Galaxy Fold is not supposed to be taken off.

To solve this problem, Samsung has tucked the screen protector under the bezel of the device. Previously there was gap between the screen protector and the edges of the phone making it appear like the standard removable protector found on other mobile devices.

Samsung is also beefing up the warning not to remove the screen protector that accompanies the phone, making it larger and placing it more prominently.

The second, less common, problem encountered by reviewers was a gap in the hinge area on the top and bottom of the folding device that lets dust, grit and other foreign objects in, potentially damaging the screen from below.

Samsung is said to be shrinking these gaps in an attempt to minimise this risk.

According to YNA, Samsung is testing updated Galaxy Fold devices with local carriers and hopes to get it back into the market in early June 2019. –