‘Black November’ bargains promise portable power without breaking the bank

EcoFlow Delta 2
EcoFlow's flagship Delta 2 is one of the power stations on sale this November. Image supplied

As the summer season approaches in South Africa with no end in sight to loadshedding, EcoFlow, a company specializing in portable power solutions, has launched an extended Black Friday sale that could be a beacon for those looking for a more affordable way to blunt the impact of power outages.

EcoFlow’s sale, running throughout November, offers up to 47% off on products including portable power stations, solar panels, and extra batteries.

The company’s flagship Delta 2 power station is among the items on sale. Known for its high capacity and rapid charging, it is now available at a 28% discount, bringing the price down to R17,999. This model boasts a modular design allowing capacity expansion from 1-3kWh and can be fully recharged in 80 minutes, with a rated power output of 1800W, expandable to 2400W with X-Boost technology.

For those seeking the best combination of affordability and versatility, the River 2 Max is discounted by 38%. Now at R7,999, it features a 512Wh battery capacity and a recharge time of one hour, with a 500W rated power output, which can be doubled using X-Boost.

The more compact River 2 may be one the biggest bargains. The company is offering a 43% reduction, slashing the price to R3,999. It includes a 256Wh battery and similar rapid charging capabilities, suitable for powering essential devices.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

EcoFlow stands behind its products with a five-year warranty for the Delta 2 and River 2 series, promising up to a decade of reliable power thanks to their 3000-cycle battery life. The company also provides on-site after-sales service, ensuring customer support and product reliability.

In addition to power stations, EcoFlow’s solar panels are available at significant discounts, especially when bundled with power stations, promoting sustainable and off-grid living.

The company’s Black Friday deals present a timely opportunity for South Africans to equip themselves with reliable and sustainable power solutions. With substantial discounts, a reassuring warranty, and a range of products to suit different needs, consumers have a chance to prepare for the summer’s power challenges without breaking the bank.